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1- One air supply PVC hood

2- One stretchable PU hose

3- One PAPR blower

4- One Battery pack

5- One Battery Charger

6- One Belt with straps

7- Three 40 mm thread filters

8- One Airflow indicator

9- One Instruction sheet

10- One certificate of inspection


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The PAPR is easy to operate, has a waterproof battery enclosure and airtight blower which can endure strict cleaning and sterilizing procedures. Three filters slots provide positive pressure inside the PPE, with a 0.3μm filtrating precision and 99.97% filtration efficiency. The PAPR has an ergonomic design, it is lightweight, comfortable to wear and the belt provides a uniform weight distribution. The air flow is easily adjustable by turning the knob clockwise to increase air flow and counter clockwise to decrease airflow (170 L/Min-280 L/Min).  Battery life with full charge is 6 to 20 hours of consecutive operation depending on air flow setting . 11.1V DC voltage 4800 mAH capacity battery with 500 cycle life. Lightweight PU hose length varies from 0.6m - 1.3m, diameter is 36mm. Uses standard 40 mm thread filters from any manufacturer.




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