IVAN & IVAN LLC is a provider of innovative needle free systems that prevent accidental needle sticks.


IVAN & IVAN LLC is not just a company but a philosophy that looks at needle stick prevention in terms of safety for health care workers, while meeting the highest standards of quality, safety, service and social responsibility achieving business growth and creating jobs for the community and profits for our investors.


IVAN & IVAN LLC has the entrepreneurial vision to soon become one of the leaders in providing innovative needle free systems to help prevent health care workers from accidental needle sticks.

A needle stick injury is the result of an accident with a needle. Several studies show that needles cause injuries at every stage of their use, disassembly, or disposal. Although there is disagreement as to why the accidents are so common among health care workers, it is widely accepted that needle stick prevention is a priority. When the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act (H.R. 5178) was passed, the need for Needle Stick Prevention became a law. Several medical device manufacturers developed, patented and brought to market different devices made up of proprietary Needle-Free System to minimize the risk of needle stick. I-SITE is the only needle free connector that has an exclusive patented dual valve system with a valve that closes on the syringe side of the connector and a valve that closes in the patient side of the connector. This dual valve system makes the I-SITE the only needle free connector with a CLOSED SYSTEM FLUID PATHWAY when the connector dual valve system is closed. All other needle free connectors have a single valve system on the syringe side of the connector that leaves the FLUID PATHWAY OPEN on the patient side of the connector. The I-SITE is designed so that during disconnection of the syringe, the patient side valve closes first before the syringe side valve. This valve closing sequence simulates the effect that clamping has before disconnection and therefore eliminates the need for a clamping sequence during connection or disconnection of the I-SITE.




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